Valley Sea Kayaks of Nottingham England is home to one of the largest and most respected ranges of sea kayaks in the world. In an industry where many are quick to claim unsubstantiated “firsts”, Valley can legitimately claim that they were there at the start of the modern incarnation of the sea kayak. The first true sea kayak by Valley, the Anas Acuta, was developed in 1971 and is still in production today. Through the years, a love and respect for the sea has dictated everything that the company has done. Their designs have evolved with the sport, leading to kayaks like the Nordkapp, the first kayak designed specifically for a major expedition and the Skerray, the first true sea kayak molded in polyethylene. The focus at Valley has not been limited to the performance of the Valley hulls. They have sought ways to make the sport safer and more enjoyable, developing features such as watertight rubber hatches, retractable skegs, safety end toggles and recessed deck fittings.
Thirty-five years later, Valley refuses to rest on their laurels. Since a change of ownership in 2006 they have continued to develop, test & manufacture the most cutting edge hull designs in the market, with major tweaks to the iconic Nordkapp, and the development of the their new LV range among some significant design achievements. We now have the new Sirona, a boat tested & developed by a throng of Europe's top rough water paddlers over the past 18 months prior to release, opening new chapter in the Valley story.

Nordkapp Forti

2015 is the 40th launch anniversary of undoubtedly the most influential sea kayak ever produced, the Nordkapp! Designed specifically for a 500 mile sea kayak expedition up the Norwegian coast, to the northern most point of Scandinavia, the Nordkapp marked the beginning of sea kayaks being designed specifically for extended recreational sea kayak trips.
Whilst, in these intervening years, the Nordkapp cemented its reputation as the benchmark “Expedition” sea-kayak, there were still some who believed it had, had its day. For the kayak’s 25th anniversary it went through a major face lift, in part this was to make it more user friendly, as it had gained a reputation for being unstable, especially with lighter paddlers or those paddling predominantly unladen. This Nordkapp Jubilee, as it was called, again proved very popular but some traditionalists felt that it had lost some of the originals soul. The release of the LV, some years later, gave back the liveliness those traditionalists felt they were missing but there were still those who missed something intangible, about the original.
In these past few years, whilst archiving some of Valley’s history and recording the evolution of its range, we were able to systematically look at the chronological development of the Nordkapp model. What came to light was quite revealing and has ultimately led us to produce this new 40th anniversary version!

Valley Nordkapp Forti

Length 548cm

Width 53cm

Capacity Approx. 380l

Paddler Weight 75-105kg

$3890 (GRP Layup)

Sirona 15'10

A more compact design than the 16'10, designed for lighter paddlers. This boat has all of the famed handling of the cult Avocet LV, with a lirttle more capacity for carrying gear, in a genuine small person's kayak.

Valley Sirona 15'10

Length 483cm

Width 54cm

Capacity Approx. 310l

Paddler Weight 45-70kg

$3590 (ex demo)

Gemini SP RM

A game changer in many respects, short enough to fit into the standard car spot available in a block of units, fast enough to foot it on a club trip which clips along at 6-7kmh, and a ball-tearer in the surf (see our video of the Gemini in action HERE). Although designed with the surf in mind, a clever hull shape with more V than you'd normally associate with a play boat gives the boat solid tracking characteristics, and also a surprising turn of speed. If you measure a sea kayak by the ease with which it holds a cruising speed of 6-7kmh, then the Gemini loses nothing for being shorter than the traditional sea kayaks we have come to know.

Valley Gemini SP RM

Length 452cm

Width 56cm

Capacity Approx. 310l

Paddler Weight 65-110kg


Sirona 16'10 RM

At around 16’ (490cm) the Sirona is short enough to be considered an Ocean play-boat but long enough to hold it’s speed, even when moderately laden. True, it is not intended for multi-week expeditions but it is certainly very suitable for most people, even those with overnight ambitions.

Valley Sirona 16'10 RM

Length 490cm

Width 56cm

Capacity Approx. 310l

Paddler Weight 70-110kg

Was $2595, now $1890 (ex demo)




North Shore Sea Kayaks

Open water has been the source of inspiration for North Shore since it was founded in 1982. Their aim has always been to combine this knowledge with the quality and attention to detail needed to make kayak capable of handling even the most demanding conditions. This emphasis ensures you can enjoy the very best performance wherever your adventure might take you.

North Shore Ocean 17

North Shore pushes the boundaries of sea kayak design yet again. The new Ocean gives you wings. This unique feature creates a fast and stable hull, with excellent edging. A low profile deck sheds water well and offers very low windage, keeping you in control even in the worst sea and weather conditions. This gives you an unrivaled confidence to go and enjoy the Oceans of the world. Superb to paddle empty on day trips but has the carrying capacity you require for those extended trips we all dream of. Wings, crisp edges that stop just behind the seat and slowly blend into the bow. Neutrally balanced, (the widest part of the kayak is by your hips) Extra recessed skeg blade to reduce the risk of jamming. Contoured bulkheads reduce stress points on the hull. Comfortable padded seat with good support backrest and hip pads. Hand grips at the back of the cockpit rim. Easy access deck pod. Security attachment point on rear deck.

North Shore Ocean 17

Length 518cm

Width 55cm

Capacity Approx. 350l

Paddler Weight 65-110kg

$4190 (25kg)