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Allwave Libra Outrigger

Allwave Libra Outrigger


The new Libra was designed as a lower volume OC compared to our downwinder the Allwave Fluctus.

The hull shape is designed to effortlessly navigate through small to medium messy swells. The seat is located forward compared to other Allwave models allowing for more control. The stirring is also very sensitive and agile.

The seat, the drainage system and the safety bungy cord are the same as the Allwave newest models. The back iako is now provided with one more hole (4 in total) allowing for more adjustment towards the weight distribution.

We are currently testing the maximum athlete’s weight the new Libra can carry without compromising its Performance. We can confirm that up 90kg it performs very well. However, we will update this once we will be completing our tests in all conditions.

Dimensions 580cm , 40cm beam width, 283cm AMA.

The Libra comes in three layups Ibrida, Corsa and Brushed construction.



Ibrida: 12.5kg + iakos 0.5kg + ama 2kg

Corsa: 10.5kg + iakos 0.5kg + ama 1.5kg

Brushed : 9.5kg + iakos 0.5kg + ama 1.2kg

1K Carbon: 8.5kg + iakos 0.5kg + ama 1.2kg

Note: Allow up to 1kg more on main craft’s weight

Matt Paint can add about 300-400gr on declared weights

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