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A summary of a selection of our trips and expeditions, videos, articles, something to inspire adventure whether you paddle a flat water racer, sea kayak or a ski.

An Eastern Bass Strait Crossing by sea kayak by Gary Forrest, Bob Turner, Mark Sundin, Andrew Trickett & Rob Mercer in February 2018. The crossing was paddled in four Expedtion Kayaks Audax, and one Tiderace Pace 17 Tour, a total of 329km in 45 hours of total paddling time.
The first & only sea kayak expedition out to the remote North Reef Lighthouse, approximately 130km off the coast of Queensland. Paddlers Chris James, Rob Mercer & Mark Sundin.
Rob, Gazza & The Don paddle the wild and pristine coastline that crosses the NSW/Victorian border in South Eastern Australia, traversing the iconic Nadgee Wilderness. Only about 100km, but plenty of surf, waves, capes, postcard camp sites & challenging paddling. One the great mini-expeditions.
Rob & Sharon paddle the path less travelled between McKay & Bowen in Far North Queensland. 300km of beautiful coral quays, reefs, continental islands & stunning winter weather in the tropics.
Rob Mercer, Chris James & Mark Sundin attempting to paddle a degree of latitude, or 60 Nautical miles, in a day.
A weekend down the coast with the Makai Paddlers competing in the legendary Makai Cup, with a big bunch of Dolls Point Paddlers and Rob's Tuesday crew.