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EK Coaching - Learning Downwind

EK Coaching - Learning Downwind


Downwind paddling is the ultimate expression of the joy of ocean paddling, whistling along on a wave as you harness the power of the wind and sea is about as much fun as you can have without getting yourself arrested.

However it's a dark art to many, an out-of-control feeling that can take some guidance and resolve to embrace, so we have a session designed to safely introduce you to downwind paddling in a controlled way.

We offer a ride in the double, sitting in the backseat to learn timing and acceleration, or if you're up for it a crack in your own kayak or ski with a capable guide alongside to pick up the pieces if you get a little too adventurous. 

We're lucky to have Botany Bay and it's totally uni-directional water as our classroom, with long downwind runs wherever the wind is blowing, to tune up & gain confidence.

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