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The Footloose Max Sail (with SoloReef)

The Footloose Max Sail (with SoloReef)


Introducing the Footloose Max, our latest sail from Flat Earth Kayak Sails, with the new SoloReef system.

Designed in a collaboration between Rob Mercer and master sail-maker Neil Tasker, the Max is a high performance sail that brings maximum wind power without producing an unsteady ride.

Whilst the sail area isn't technically much bigger than the acclaimed Footloose 0.8m sail introduced in 2019, the subtleties in the overall shape and belly of the design produce a strong and stable drive.

It'll be hugely popular with kayak sailors who prefer to sail in winds that traditionally aren't strong enough to give much assistance, while for the alphas it'll provide a high octane ride in winds up to 20-25kn, and a solid platform for the expeditioner in fully laden kayaks.

It's our first sail with an integrated reefing system, the SoloReef, which allows the paddler to reef the sail from the cockpit while underway, as opposed to having to tie knots in eyelets, which isn't practical in moving water.

Available in our tradition Black and Red trim options, as well as the new Super Vis Orange for added visibility out on the big blue.

We think this will be our biggest selling sail yet, building on the huge popularity of the Footloose range.


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