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Gurney Gear Bumfortable - Narrow (suited to most racing kayaks)

Gurney Gear Bumfortable - Narrow (suited to most racing kayaks)



The final port of call, and often the saviour, for paddlers who just can't make their seats work for them. A closed cell foam seat designed to look after you with a combination of fit & ergonomics. 

Do your legs go numb? Can you hardly feel your bum? Does your kayak chafe?
Does your bum often ache? Do you get leg cramps? There’s no need to crack under pressure! Enjoy the comfortable, Bumfortable today!

The benefits for your body:

  • Reduced pressure on ischial tuberosity (bum bones) by concavities in the underside of the Bumfortable.
  • Designed to prevent chaffing by structurally supporting your back while kayaking through proper posture, rather than allowing pressure on flesh where chaffing occurs.
  • Extended length into the hamstring area to reduce pressure and keep hamstrings warm. This aids circulation and reduces cramps.
The benefits for your kayak:
  • Lowers your centre of gravity which increases kayak stability (choose the model to suit your kayak's dimensions)
  • Reduced incidence of kayak hull damage - A rigid seat structure is more likely to hole the kayak when a rock scrapes along the hull because it represents a sudden change in elastic flexibility of the hull. A Bumfortable, by comparison, will allow the hull to continue elastically flexing as the hull passes along the obstruction highly reducing the chances of structural damage and subsequent required repair.
  • Available factory installed: Increasingly, kayak manufacturers are offering the Bumfortable as an option when ordering new boats. If you are a manufacturer and are interested in more information on OEM, please contact us.
Features include:
  • Forgiving: The inbuilt softness reduces pressure points and allows extra rotation.
  • Smooth surface finish allows ease of rotation to aid in paddle efficiency.
  • The Bumfortable closed cell foam can be custom moulded to your particular bum shape by gentle use of heat, (eg hairdryer, hot-water bottle, or domestic fan heater), if you so desire. It is also easy to cut, grind and glue.
  • Light weight & completely non-absorbent
  • Warm closed cell foam - the Gurney Gears Bumfortable is warmer on cold mornings and more comfortable than fibreglass. Less abrasive and much less likely to make your legs fall asleep.
  • Bilge pump flow tunnels incorporated into the underside allow liquid to flow to your bilge pump (bilge pump not included)
  • Back strap option through the moulded backstrap tunnel. (25 mm webbing)
  • Side mounts available to firmly attach your seat into any cockpit.

The bottom line 

I rate kayak comfort as more important than hull speed: to finish first, first you must finish!

So why not get your hands on the most comfortable kayak seat available?

Your bottom will breathe a sigh of relief!


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