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Meek Paddles

The Meek paddle story is one of the great successes of Australian kayaking. Chad Meek is a World Champion Marathon paddler, who has been solely focussed on paddle manufacture since 2008. His paddles are made on site at his rural Victorian property, and Chad personally manufactures every single blade.

He spent the best part of 2019/20 honing a new production technique, experimenting with different surface finishes to see how they affected water feel. The final process resulted in a weight reduction of 40-50 grams per blade. The new combination of a rough/ raw carbon surface finish, weight reduction and strength became Meek's new Warrior layup.

We're proud to be able to add these premium Australian made paddles to our increasing range of Made-in-Australia products.

The Meek A-Series is a modern heavy-catch, light release wing blade, reflecting the trend towards rough water paddles that allow you to rate up and react to moving water without lagging on your exit. A fine paddle for marathon and flat water paddling, but tuned for stability and power in rough water. Now featuring the rock-solid KajakSport snap-lock joiner, with a 10cm length variable shaft.

Available from stock in S (205cm-215cm) and M (208cm-218cm), different variants will take a little longer.