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Meek G-Series Paddle

Meek G-Series Paddle


The G-Shape is a parallel edged blade that has an equal balance of surface area either side of the shaft. This paddle is excellent for messy, unstable conditions where the direction of stroke is compromised (eg moving water) because it stays stable in the water regardless of whether it is pulled wide or close to the boat.  It also suits the paddler who has difficulty with sore shoulders and the load is spread more evenly throughout the stroke.

Most Popular Uses:
Surf, ocean paddling, marathon and Sea Kayak
Warrior Construction Features:
Ultra-light and Strong
Grip and Rip Surface
Built to Endure
Adjustment Mechanism on Adjustable Paddles:
The adjuster has 10cm of adjustment available (eg. 200-210cm, 205-215cm) and can be used left or right handed at any angle. 
Joiners are made of polycarbonate to avoid corrosion and for easy adjustment, the internal joiner is carbon/glass. 

NOTE, we are not offering fixed shaft paddles, due to excessive freight costs.

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