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Proudly made in Tassie, these premium quality paddling products are a cut above for build quality, finish and design.

From founder, designer and chief sweets David Barlow:

"As Albert Einstein said “Things should be made as simple as possible but not any simpler”  And that is their Philosophy!

After a trip to Chernobyl and a move to far Southern Tasmania.  The idea of Outware was born.
Bizarrely inspired by the longevity of nuclear radiation, David wanted to create Aussie made gear that would last a lifetime.  Harking back to the days of when we made quality outdoor gear in this country, Outware has found it’s roots at the bottom of Tassie on the edge of the Southern Ocean.

At 43 Degrees South their workshop is surrounded by wild oceans and amazing mountains.
Here, nature informs and inspires their design and construction methods.
Outware create products that are robust and will last a lifetime. Functionality is important and so is good looks. They don’t compromise on materials, sewing or time. Outware gear looks smart on the street and it will always perform in a tough environment.

Outware craft a range of bags, packs, satchels, garments and a host of other useful items for home, street, work, ocean or the bush. Outware uses Australian manufactured canvas, nylon, webbing and PVC in their products and with over 40 years of sewing experience, the main designer and sewist David Barlow, has decades of experience as an adventurer and tester of gear in tough environments. He is passionate about creating quality, functional and simple products that he would personally use."