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Winky Water Bags

Winky Water Bags


Here's Dave Winkworth's spiel on his excellent water bags, now being stocked through the EK store. We used these bags extensively on trips & consider them to be an expedition essential:

I’ve been using these waterbags for many years, at times carrying more than 15 of them. They work!........ and here’s why: 
Each bag uses a brand new replaceable 2-6 litre Sea to Summit bladder, folded over and restrained by the bag to a max volume of 2.75 litres. Replacement bags are always available. 
Taste-free non-contaminating bladder – no algal growth 
Unlike big bags, if you get a leak you only lose a couple of litres! 
The “brick-like” shape of my waterbag means that you can fully stack the day hatch for maximum storage, something you just cannot do with larger bags. 
They’re small enough to use as your daily drinking water – just squeeze the bag, open the valve and aim at your mouth! They’re easy to handle in camp too. 
Waterbags can be moved from hatch to hatch to balance your kayak as your food store is consumed. 
Compact when empty – just squash them down – 50 grams only 
They’re easy to strap down in your cockpit – the centre of the boat where most of your weight should be. When placed under your legs at the front of the seat they offer great support for those long days on the water."

Dave Winkworth.

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