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Wash Rider 'Wide Y's'

Wash Rider 'Wide Y's'


The Washridser Y-rack system is a definite head-turner. Loading kayaks and skis all day every day as we do, there aren't many occasions where someone doesn't see us use the easy-loading system for the first time and marvel at it's simplicity, security and speed.

If there's been one criticism, it's the fact that wider craft, sea kayaks, double skis, some of the entry-level skis, are a little wide at one or both of the fixing points to prevent pressure on the hull over prolonged use.

The good people at Wash Rider have addressed this shortcoming with the release of their new 'Wide Y's', a 130 degree Y-rack fitting that easily accommodates wide craft.

In the images below we've strapped on a V8 Double and an Audax Sea Kayak, both much wider than the traditional race craft that Y-Yracks were primarily designed to carry, and the result is fit that is snug, more evenly distributed and far less likely to create a stress point.

The good news is you can buy just the Wide-Y's and fit them to existing Y-Racks with the click of the release button. They're sold as a pair, $295/set.

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