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Winky Hull Saddle Points (pack of 4)

Winky Hull Saddle Points (pack of 4)


A low profile, wide based saddle, made from resin, compatible with most epoxy glues, providing easy attachment to the hull of your kayaks. Designed to allow you to customise fixture points for water bladders, hand pumps, and other equipment that you need to be secure against the hull of your kayak. 

Works best a 4mm bungee cord (not supplied).

Here's Dave's detailed description:

Secure tiedown fittings for cockpits and hatches. 

We’ve all had gear washed off the deck in the surf. Down on the ocean floor there aremore than a few pairs of our sunglasses! We are all wiser through experience! 

So, one thing that all sea kayakers need to do is lash stuff INSIDE their kayak….both in the hatches and in the cockpit!

These little superlight Hull Saddle Point's will do just that for you! They are a strong vinyl ester resin / fibre construction, and being non-metallic they’ll never rust and leave stains on your cockpit floor!   

They are drilled with a countersunk 6mm hole – no sharp edges – and are ideal for 4mm shockcord (see picture) or similar. The shockcord can be fitted with an “olive” for easy length adjustment. 

They are low profile – you’ll never snag a foot on these - and they can be glued to the floor, roof and sides of the cockpit, not to mention bulkheads and inside hatches. 

Fitting is easy – just clean the spots with fine sandpaper where they are to be fitted, and glue in place with Araldite (use only the 24 hr Superstrength variety) or Selleys Plastibond for a 30 min. fit. How easy is that! 

A few fitting tips:

Use pencil lines on pieces of masking tape to align the saddles accurately for fitting.
Apply glue liberally to BOTH surfaces.
Ensure that any gear secured to the cockpit floor in front of your seat does not impede entry / exit.

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